Esperanza/Mongoose Special Needs School

The Esperanza Mongoose special needs school is situated at 88 Impala Drive, Hutten Heights, Newcastle. It is a school for children with special educational needs. It is registered as a non-profit organization and does not receive funds from government.

Seventy five percent of the learners at the school are from the previously disadvantaged group. The school currently has 16 learners. Learners are taught life skills to enable them to cope with everyday life. The NCAU has partnered with the school and embarked on a fund raising drive to collect funds for the school so that the school can continue to function. We believe that we can relieve the educators of the duty of raising funds and let them concentrate on teaching. The NCAU has embarked on a drive to collect the sum of R100-00 per month for a period of twelve months from businesses and individuals. Anybody wishing to donate can contact the executive committee members for assistance and banking details.